Further Reading

Preparing for the New School Year for Your Children

by Joanna L. Olson, RPA-C

With the start of the new school year here for your children, what are some thing to keep in mind? You have already gotten your kids new clothes, shoes, and materials for school, but what should you expect, health wise, for the start the new school year? Listed below are some great tips, suggestions, and things to keep in mind for your children to stay healthy, focused, and successful as the new school year begins.

  • Have your children use their own materials and personal goods, from school materials, to utensils in the cafeteria, to their own water bottles to prevent spreading of germs.
  • Encourage your children to wash their hands prior to eating while at school as well as washing their hands after getting home from school each day to prevent illness.
  • If your children suffer from seasonal allergies, make sure to restart their daily allergy medications at the beginning of the school year.
  • Make sure your children are up to date on their yearly physicals as well as their vaccines for the school year.
  • Fall still has great weather, and your children will play outside during the school day. Make sure to continue to use sunscreen during this time of the year as sunburns can still occur.
  • If your children have any food allergies, the beginning of the school year is a perfect time to let their schools and teachers know.
  • As the school year begins, parents know that around the corner is winter. Schedule your children for the flu vaccine starting in the month of October. The vaccine guards against the respiratory illness that occurs during the winter months.
  • Make sure to dress your child appropriately in relation to the weather. It may still be relatively warm not only outside, but also in the school during the fall months.
  • If your child will walk or ride their bike to school, make sure they practice their route and know how to stay safe with traffic.
  • If your child is allowed to pack snacks for the school day, provide snacks which will keep him/her energized and focused in school.
  • It is important to start and continue with routine bed times to help your children not only get enough sleep, but also stay focused in school.
  • If your children complain of having trouble hearing or seeing at the beginning of the school year, get it checked by your pediatrician or eye doctor.

We hope your children have a great start to the new school year while staying healthy, learning new concepts, and growing into young adults!